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Conversation in the Forbidden Fores by Dorotea Senjak
[PG-13 - Romance - One Shot]
Hermione and Draco have a secret meeting in the Forbidden Forest.

Conversation in the Library by Dorotea Senjak
[PG-13 - Romance - One Shot]
Sequel to Conversation in the Forbidden Forest. Draco and Hermione have a secret meeting in the library.

Conversation On the Quidditch Pitch by Dorotea Senjak
[PG-13 - Romance - One Shot]
Hermione and Draco meet secretly for reminiscing about the beginning of their relationship. Also included: snogging, name-calling and a gift giving.``Draco shook his head. "I've been thinking, Granger."``"Uh oh. Is your head aching?"

Conversation In the Astronomy Tower by Dorotea Senjak
[R - Romance/Humor - One Shot]
Draco finally gets Hermione in the Astronomy Tower... ````"You can call me Hermione, you know."`` ``Draco shook his head. "No, I really don't think I can. Herm perhaps?"`` ``Hermione arched a brow. "I can push you off the tower. Everyone would just think it was another suicide."`` ``"You have a very dark side, Hermy. And another suicide?"`` ``"Never mind. I'll call you Malfoy and you call me Granger. And am I the only student who has ever read, Hogwarts, A History?"`` ``"Yes, you are the only one and you can call me Draco."

Conversations At he Yule Ball by Dorotea Senjak
[PG-13 - Romance/Humor - 5 Parts]
Draco and Hermione attend the Yule Ball together, which gives everyone something to talk about.

Holiday Conversations by Dorotea Senjak
[R - Romance/Angst - One Shot]
This story is a AU of Conversations series. It takes place about 5 years post-Hogwarts. Hermione has already discovered that there will not be a happily ever after for her relationship with Draco, but is there is outright betrayal as well?