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WARNING: *ahem* Most of these are probably smutty. lmao. =P

Paid in Full by Aurora North
[NC-17 - Romance/Drama - 7 Chapters]
What would you do, if the price was right?

The Girls of Hogwarts by sugarbear_1269
[NC-17 - Drama/Angst - 4 Chapters]
Ginny's caught writing faux love letters to Draco from girls in other houses. When he steals her sole quill in retribution, Ginny's forced to give in to a twisted version of domination and submission.

Throw It All Away by Cliodna
[NC-17 - Romance/Drama/Angst - 9 Chapters]
Ginny has had feelings for Harry for as long as she can remember. One summer, she decides to take things into her own hands and find out if shes really in love with him, or if its just an infatuation. She gets her answer, and things spiral downhill from there.

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