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Once Upon a Thyme by zensho
[PG-13 - Romance/Drama - 32 Chapters]
Draco and Hermione travel back in time and switch stations in life. Both learn tough lessons about family, honour and love. Yes - a real treat for all you DHr shippers out there who crave good, long, fanfics.

Their Room by aleximoon
[PG-13 - Romance/Angst - 31 Chapters]
This is a Draco/Hermione fic. Basically, they're forced together for a class project and things take off from there. It's awfully long.

Trick Stair by Lyra Silvertongue2
[PG - Romance/Humor - 21 Chapters]
Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy--three hours is a long time to be trapped beneath a trick stair, and stairs aren't too spacious these days...

Valentine Encounter by Kyra4
[R - Romance - 24 Chapters]
Draco and Hermione are Head Boy & Girl, but do NOT share a common room and see as little of each other as possible til a fateful encounter on Valentine's night leads to a gradual, reluctant romance. Starts 7th year goes postHogwarts.

We'll Always Have Paris by Melissa D
[R - Romance - 17 Chapters]
Draco and Hermione go on an exchange program to Beauxbatons Academy. They enter a rocky partnership to help each other make it through all of their classes; neither of them thinks falling in love will be part of the deal.

The Fires of Beltane by sorceress
[NC-17 - 42 Chapters]
Enemies become lovers through the intervention of Professor Snape, and a little help from the spirit of Beltane

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