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Another Chance by cedar1
[R - Romance/Angst - 16 Chapters]
"Part of him wanted to break the door down, grab hold of her and never let go, the other, wanted her to suffer" 10 years after Hogwarts. Some things have changed: the death of Voldemort, a dark new rising and Some haven’t: denial,love...

Meet the Kids by DMTABF
[PG-13 - General/Humor - 11 Chapters]
Hermione and Malfoy come across a mysterious Time Turner while patrolling the dungeon one night. When its accidentally turned over, they find themselves in a situation they never could have imagined with people they have never met . . . their kids. D/Hr.

Mindless Snogging by Catelina
[R - Romance/Angst - 14 Chapters]
Basically a DracoHermione story, but not so nice and fluffy. Draco finds Hermione in the library, and decides to do something a little less unexpected...

Nobody's Girl by Archica
[NC-17 - AU/Drama?Angst - 15 Chapters]
In a world where all Muggles are dead and all Mudbloods are slaves, what happens when Hermione ends up becoming the slave of Draco Malfoy?

Pen My Soliloquy by Dusty Emotion
[PG-13 - Romance/Drama - 3 Chapters]
Not even a second later she was in front of him, shoving him as hard as she could, angry tears brimming in her eyes. “Does anything rattle you, Malfoy!” she cried. “If I told you I hate you right now, would that even matter to you?”

Secerne by Brinker
[R - Drama/Angst - 6 Chapters]
Hermione meets Draco for the first time in ten years right before he is sent to Azkaban.

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