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WARNING: A lot of one shots are quite smutty, but I try and read ones that are more endearing...to me at least. =P

and there is crookshanks laced with Xs by Human_Amusement
[PG-13 - One Shot]
It's all unintelligible cuss words and rough awkward movements.

Beauty in the Breakdown by xylitol
[R - One Shot]
Draco and Hermione are having a hard time choosing which way to go.

Figure Eight by ferretbush_post
[NC-17 - One Shot]
A gift for Draco becomes his undoing.

Ribbons by melon_and_naga
[R - One Shot]
It’s tricky being a teenager. It’s tough being the most talked about couple at Hogwarts. It’s even more difficult saying those Three Little Words. Draco and Hermione have a practical arrangement, but lately, they’ve been wondering… (Rated R for language and innuendo. No ‘three little words’ were harmed, or indeed used, in the making of this fic. The same cannot be said for chocolate, however.)

Sunday Masquerade by vexia
[R - One Shot]

The Best Deceptions by Auchicl
[R/NC-17 - One Shot]
[smut alert]“And there it was: the choice. Beyond this was the point of no return.”

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