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•  J O I N E D  •

Look at the fanlistings I've joined. =D

umBITCH!! I love their friendship...this site has great drawings as well

Their best friends and that's why I love them

Marauders = cool...check out this site because I *LOVE* the drawing of the marauders there. I saved it onto my desktop, LOL James Potter Fan He's reckless and that's why he's my favorite character My Heart Belongs to Sirius Black
Bring back Wood!! Dan Radcliffe fan! Sirius/Snape that their enemies The map from the movie was amazing wasn't it?

Draco = Hotness Twins = Loads of fun HP Fan: Harry's my second fav character The Marauders are my heroes!
Severus Snape: My third Favorite Character Draco Malfoy!!! TOM!! I love Sirius and Harry's relationship