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•  P A R O D I E S  •

Here are some of the *WONDERFUL* parodies that I've come across while obsessing over Harry Potter. Most of them I found because of MuggleNet which I can't praise enough and i'm avidly searching for more and more.

Song Parodies

Song Parodies at Mugglenet: These are mostly parodies submitted into Mugglenet by fans but some of them are pretty funny. Look out for the Lose Yourself parody which I love because I love that song. =)

Sirius Black Rap: This parody is absolutely AMAZING!!! It's so funny and I'm running around trying to find the CD in stores because I loved this parody so much. (er...well the minute or so I heard hehe) The CD by Tony Goldmark called Rage Against the Mundane also has 3 other HP Parodies so look into it.

Puppet Shows

Potter Puppet Pals: You haven't seen a Harry Potter parody until you've seen these puppet shows. Potter Puppet Pals is a Flash version of our loveable books and is absolutely hilarious.

MovieTheatre: MovieTheatre has scripts for puppet shows along with the puppets themselves. They mostly make fun of the movies and it's really very funny. They also do many other movies other than the HP movies. Be sure to check out the Lord of the Rings ones.


Harry and the Potters: This is a HP band that I think are pretty funny. I own their first CD thanks to my friend Victoria and it's pretty funny. Every hardcore Harry Potter fan should not be without their CD and I can't wait to get their next CD Voldemort can't stop the Rock.