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Water by kissherdraco
[NC-17 - Romance/Angst - 12 Chapters]
"...You’re the one who needs help! You’re the one who makes my skin crawl whenever we stand in the same room! You’re fucked up Malfoy. And your father couldn’t even teach you anything other than how to fuck up everyone else with you-” Her wand went flying.

Quiet Revolutions by streetscribbles
[PG-13/R - Romance/Mystery/Angst - 15 Chapters]
When Hermione discovers Draco is still walking within the walls of Hogwarts, long after the world thought he was dead, she finds that she has no choice to help him and that saving him might be the one thing that saves her.

P U R E B L O O D by wevvles
[R - General - 10 Chapters]
Post-Hogwarts. Draco is given the task of having Hermione Granger pass for a Pureblood socialite.

Enemy of Eden by max-em
[R - Angst/Suspense - 2 Chapters]
The war has been over for a decade and peace has come, but something threatens to disrupt the balance. When Hermione becomes a target the trio and allies must reach out to the most unlikely of wizards, Malfoy, someone who carries an agenda himself. DMHG

Self Imposed Lives by max-em
[PG-13 - Drama/Angst - 7 Chapters]
Opposites are the only pairs to share the same coin. Though the two sides are never destined to see eye to eye, they are fated to always be each other’s rival. DMHG

Security by IceHeart161
[PG-13 - General - 14 Chapters]
Being a spy isn't easy. Neither is working with your biggest enemy. Doing both at the same time is near impossible.

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