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Bookworm and the Beast by JustRaeInc
[R - Romance/Humor - 16 Chapters]
It's your typical Draco and Hermione romance... except this one has a plot and believable characters! An extreme jump from regular fan fiction, I know. And don't you just love the title? Well, I thought it was cute... PreHP6. No spoilers.

Vengeance by Vashka
[NC-17 - 11 Chapters]
Harry Potter is dead. Voldemort is king. But Hermione is alive and is very, very angry.

Not at All Formulaic by amanda carol
[R - Humor/Parody - 4 Chapters]
A D/Hr fic satire, prompted by the use of the same plot line over and *over* again. Not for the weak of heart or the weak of butt.

Jealousy by Rain
[NC-17 - 7 Chapters]
Winner of Two Dangerous Liasons Awards! Hermione gets in over her head when she accepts social help from one Draco Malfoy...

Not Quite a Drug by xylitol
[R - Drama/Romance - 10 Chapters]
Hermione develops an odd addiction. Draco develops an odd obsession. DHr Now to be considered AU with release of Book 6.

Perished Dreams by Thea2
[PG-13 - Romance - 10 Chapters]
A certain Death Eater abducts Hermione. There will be D\H, many intrigues, some fluff, some humour, some deeper stuff and a lot of snogging.

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