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A Thread Of Innocence by Athena Linborn
[PG-13 - Drama/General - 11 Chapters]
Fear and determination, are major factors in Hermione Grangers decision to keep the child of a liaison she can hardly remember. All is well, until five years later, the hated father of her child, walks back in to her life!

Adamo Fidelitas by pixiezombie
[NC-17 - 14 Chapters]
When Draco makes a potion to fix his love life, things go completely awry. Will he and Hermione kill each other? Or will they find the way to deal with uncontrollable luwhilwhile hiding it from the school, significant others, and Deatheaters?

Contradictus Totalus by bipolarquirks
[R - Action/Romance - 12 Chapters]
Pretences fall. Hypocrisies are exposed. Reputations crumble. Prejudices are confronted. Change happens, and often not of one's own will. The worst part? When all of this happens at the hands of the very person you loathe. Written post-OotP.

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