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Think Potter: This site has plenty of things to read. It has so much information and discusses a lot of very interesting things. It mixes history and legend with the Harry Potter series and I always love that. =) I really enjoyed reading "Harry Potter and the Alchemy Theory" which explains how the steps used in creating the Philosopher Stone parallels the events that occur in each of the seven books. I still haven't finished sifting through all the articles at this site.

The Guide to Harry Potter Etymology: An amazing list of meanings behind names in the Harry Potter series.

J.K. Rowling World Book Day Chat: Great chat and very funny. Has some good info about the future books and other tid-bits like different characters' middle names and the like.

Fun Stuff:

The Harry Potter Obsession Quiz: I took this quiz and well...*ahem* i got only 38% but it's scaled. LOL. So I got an "obsessed with Harry Potter." yay!! hehe

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